Reconsidering Ostpolitik of Russia Foreign Policy and Japan Security Policy after the Emerging of Ukraine War 2022 (72047)

Session Information: Geopolitics

Session Chair: Christian Schafferer

Saturday, 1 July 2023 09:25
Session: Session 1
Room: Lecture Room 2
Presentation Type:Oral Presentation

Since Ukraine War in 2022 German’s Russia relations before the Ukraine war tied firmly with the joint natural gas pipeline projects for mutual benefits. Likewise, Japan expands and strengthens relations with the former Soviet Union satellites, particularly in bilateral relations such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the period of Shinzo Abe government. After the war in Ukraine erupted, Germany exposed sanctions as well as supported NATO’s members in dispatching troops and weapons to Ukraine. Japan government increased security measures in response to the future threats, particularly adding more measures on preventive attacks in the National Security Strategy. The frameworks employed in this study consisted of Neorealism and Agent-structure in analyzing the Russia-German and Russia-Japan relations in pre and post Ukraine war. In case of Germany ‘s chancellor, Olaf Scholz considered of his coalition party in making decision to send troops and armament to NATO’s members. Besides, Japan leader, Fumio Kishida, considered reckoning up the preventive measures which may consequence to help boosting economy growth and enemy twisted.

Oratai Soparat, Naresuan University, Thailand

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