China’s Responses to the Quad Presence in the Indo-Pacific Region

China’s Responses to the Quad Presence in the Indo-Pacific Region

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Davin Karanya, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, in short, the Quad, was revived into broader cooperation, including security, economy, and health, to strengthen the United States (US) and its allies' position in the Indo-Pacific region, such as Japan, India, Australia. It has changed the nuance of international relations in East Asia as the home of rising powers, including China, India, and ASEAN countries. It is the center of important geopolitical and geostrategic in the 21st century. It would be the new cornerstone of the US foreign policy after the promulgation of Pivot to Asia in 2010. The Quad countries are primarily concerned with the assertiveness of China in South China and the East China Sea and economic domination in the region. Of course, it threatens China's security. This research is analyzed in light of neo-realism and the concept of balance of power. And utilizes the case study research method and literature study for data collection. The analysis will include the examination of how the Quad contains Chinese security position and China's bilateral and multilateral cooperation with other entities, including ASEAN in order to counterbalance the Quad and persist its position in the region.

Presentation Date/Time: Sunday, December 11, 2022 (14:00)
Session: Session 3
Room: Fai Kham Room

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