“Bakwit”: A Study on Conflict-induced Displacement of Meranao in Iligan City, Philippines, 1970-2017

“Bakwit”: A Study on Conflict-induced Displacement of Meranao in Iligan City, Philippines, 1970-2017

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John Leandro Reyes, Mindanao State University, Philippines

At the end of 2020, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees accounted for about 82 million people worldwide as forcibly displaced. These were people who fled their homes in fear of persecution, armed conflict, and generalized violence. Global trend reports suggest that nearly one person in every two seconds is displaced. Forced to flee their homes, Internally displaced persons are one of the most vulnerable sectors as their situation posed them with high risks of being marginalized, exploited, radicalized, and denied basic services among others. Despite these realities, they remain largely ignored and invisible. It is imperative, therefore, to respond to their needs and help improve their situation. And in so doing, listening to the narratives and personal accounts of the IDPs should be pursued. This paper seeks to contribute to historical discourses on the context, dynamics, and personal dimensions of violent conflict and displacement. It aims to present a documentation of the stories of Internally displaced Meranao in Iligan City due to various violent conflicts. To undergo this, the researcher employed both archival and field research methodologies. It examined the chronic violent conflict in Mindanao, Philippines and the plight of Meranao IDPs both in a sociohistorical context and through field study. Through capturing the narratives or oral histories of Meranao IDPs in Iligan, their personal framings of their displacement, it provides a useful resource of information on the often overlooked impacts of conflict on personal lives, and a useful tool of information for interveners.

Presentation Date/Time: Sunday, December 11, 2022 (11:20)
Session: Session 2
Room: Inthanin Room

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