Joe Biden’s Policy in the Indo-Pacific: Comparative Complexity Perspective

Joe Biden’s Policy in the Indo-Pacific: Comparative Complexity Perspective

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Marcin Grabowski, Jagiellonian University, Poland

Joe Biden’s Asia-Pacific policy was expected as kind of continuation of Barack Obama’s, hence with a stronger focus on multilateral issues and alliance relations in the Indo-Pacific region. At the same time, a policy in opposition to the Donald Trump’s strategy of Indo-Pacific, with a focus on transactional alliance relations and conflictual approach to IR, with neglect of multilateral approaches had also been expected. The reality, as also exemplified by the U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy published in 2022 has proven to be different from those expectations. The main goal of this paper is to explain main premises of the Joe Biden’s policy towards Indo-Pacific on the basis of the complexity perspective. For this sake the Indo-Pacific region will be analyzed as a complex system and American foreign policy towards this region will be based on set of variables from the domestic setting, as well as from the environment. Systemic factors will be analyzed at three levels, and similarly US FP towards the region will be analyzed in this way. The basic hypothesis will state that US foreign policy towards the region is rather reactive and determined to larger extent by external factors, hence system transformation of the Indo-Pacific system.

Presentation Date/Time: Sunday, December 11, 2022 (14:00)
Session: Session 3
Room: Fai Kham Room

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