Sustaining the SDGs Through the Regeneration of Citizenry in the Philippines

Sustaining the SDGs Through the Regeneration of Citizenry in the Philippines

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Geraldo Petilla, National Research Council of the Philippines, Philippines

Since its inception in 2016, the United Nations’ sponsored Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) has been viewed to strengthen the link between governance and development.
In the case of the Philippines, answering the question as to how far the SDG has been effectively integrated in the developmental policies in the country has yet to be assessed. While the government has articulated the governance framework on the “whole government approach,” there is much to know on the level of citizens’ involvement, understanding and operationalization of the SDG on the ground. It is the contention of this paper to view the realization of international frameworks particularly in the case of SDG from the perspective of developing common but fundamental values of non-state actors such as the citizens. The paper argues that largely the success of the SDG in the Philippines is not dependent on state or governmental action alone, but depends on how the citizens develop the values and performance expected that are consistent to the SDG. After all, international conventions are presumed to form part of the law of the land.
Hence, the paper proposes the following: (1) the regeneration of functional citizenry is indispensable to securing the state and becomes more significant with the values of SDGs embedded and (2) that the concept requires the deepening the understanding of citizenry to include that of being an international citizen, a value imperative to sustaining and securing the future of the next generation.

Presentation Date/Time: Sunday, December 11, 2022 (16:00)
Session: Session 4
Room: Fai Kham Room

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